Porkchop Falkner | Student Pastor

Porkchop Falkner discovered America in 1974. He lives in the Center of the Universe, (Troy, MS) ( if don’t believe him, just ask him). Porkchop surrendered to the ministry in 1994, and has had a passion for student ministry for 21 years. He likes to shoot pool, hang out with friends, and take long walks in the snow covered mountains.

Brenda york | Secretary


Cole Moorman | AVL Director

Cole is a pontotoc native, born in 1992. After high school he attended Itawamba community college. He then obtained his Ba in communications from Mississippi state university. He enjoys all things technology. as avl director, he is the leader of the Media team and he is in charge of all things audio, video, & lighting. He also maintains the church website and oversees our social media accounts.